Sugar Lip Polish Exfoliator

A hydrating lip scrub that gently buffs and smoothes dry, flaky lips while maintaining moisture, making it an essential prep step for any lip color.


  • 17g

Product Details

Rough, dry lips are no match for this conditioning lip exfoliant. It removes flakes with real brown sugar crystals, natural humectants, and then blankets lips with nourishing shea butter and jojoba oil, leaving them silky smooth. It’s your must-have first step before applying any other lip product.

The Proof*

-Proven to keep lips moisturized for 6 hours
-100% reported healthier-looking, softer lips
-97% noticed smoother, more hydrated lips with improved texture
-94% felt it exfoliated and removed dry patches while making lips supple and revitalized

*in vivo

Key Ingredients

PDP Ingredients

  • Brown sugar crystals, natural humectants that prevent moisture loss, buff away dry flakes.
  • Shea butter and jojoba oil nourish the skin.

How to Use

Massage a small amount onto clean lips, and rinse with a damp washcloth. Can be used 2 to 3 times a week.

The Story of Sugar Nude

“You have to treat your lips the same way you treat your eyes. For these delicate areas, you need ingredients that not only smooth but also protect. With this in mind, we blended effective skincare ingredients with sublime textures for nourishing formulas that offer soft, supple, and youthful-looking lips."

—Lev, Fresh Co-founder

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