With an extraordinary 20% Vitamin C, this 30-second foaming facial that instantly brightens and tightens pores.


  • 18g

Product Details

Vitamin Nectar Vitamin C Glow Powder is a power cleanse for your complexion that smoothes skin’s texture and tightens pores, instantly revealing a vibrant glow. This potent 30-second foaming facial is supercharged with 20% vitamin C.

The Proof*

  • Proven to improve skin’s glow, tighten pores, and smooth skin’s texture*
  • 97% said it brightened and refined their skin**
  • 90% reported their skin felt recharged and it awakened their dull complexion**
  • 100% noticed their skin was immediately invigorated and felt refreshed**
  • 100% said it exfoliated their skin and their skin’s texture was improved after 2 weeks of use**

*Clinical grading by dermatologist, 31 subjects, application 2 times a week for 4 weeks

**In-use test, 31 subjects, application 2 times a week for 4 weeks

Key Ingredients

PDP Ingredients

  • A proprietary vitamin fruit complex is a blend of vitamins, citrus fruit extracts, and minerals that help revitalize dull skin for a vibrant, healthy-looking glow and soft, smooth texture.
  • Vitamin C helps to tone, brighten, and protect.
  • Vitamin E helps to protect, soften, and soothe.
  • Vitamin B5, an excellent emollient, helps to smooth and protect the skin.
  • Lemon and orange fruit extracts gently exfoliate and refine with naturally occurring AHAs, leaving skin soft and radiant.
  • A mineral complex comprised of magnesium, copper, and zinc works to revitalise tired skin.

How to Use

1. Fold the packettes together and tear to open

2. Pour the powder into the palm of your hand

3. To activate, slowly add water (approximately 1 teaspoon/10ml) and mix into an invigorating, citrus-scented lather

4. Massage the foam onto your damp skin for 15 –30 seconds, rinse, and glow!

Soy Face Cleanser Limited-Edition



“When I feel fatigued, I always take vitamin C for a boost of energy. Your skin gets run down, too, so I developed this glow powder with 20% vitamin C to instantly recharge and energize it when it's looking dull and tired. The concentrated treatment is a major wake-up call for your complexion. It's especially amazing after a long flight.”
—Lev Glazman, Fresh Co-founder