Fresh Life Body Oil

Fresh Life Body Oil

A luxurious blend of highly precious, skin-soothing oils and extracts infused with a scent that captures the ultimate Fresh moment.


  • 100ml

Product Details

Fresh Life Body Oil captures the ultimate Fresh moment with a scent that conjures the freshness of a clear blue sky, sweet morning air, a sparkling sun, and velvety water. The luxurious blend of highly precious, skin-soothing oils and extracts is proven to provide 24-hour moisture and restores suppleness, while leaving the skin super soft and heavenly scented.

The Proof*

Proven to provide 24-hour moisture

*in vivo

Key Ingredients

  • Evening primrose oil helps renew the skin.
  • Sweet almond and jojoba seed oils help restore moisture and suppleness.
  • Apricot kernel and sunflower seed oils are rich with vitamin E to help soften and protect.
  • Passionflower seed oil helps maintain elasticity and smoothness.
  • Ginseng root extract helps tone and rejuvenate.
  • White lily flower extract helps soothe.

How to Use

After bathing, gently dry the body. Pour a few drops into the hand, and massage in firm strokes to invigorate and revive the skin.

The Story of Fresh Life Eau de Parfum

“I awake in the morning to damp earth breathing beneath my toes. The fog curls across the pond like a soft cloud; the air is infused with a sweetness. As the rising sun spins everything into silk, I walk into velvety water, taking care not to disturb the purity of this moment. As I swim I imagine I’m flying, the water is my blue sky, full of hope. I am revived. I am reinvigorated. I am Fresh.”
—Lev, Fresh Co-founder

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