Vitamin Nectar Antioxidant Glow Water


Perfect for every skin type, this super refreshing, ultra-fine face mist delivers proven antioxidant defence and skin nutrition while instantly providing you with a dewy, healthy glow!


  • 250ml

Product Details

Vitamin Nectar Antioxidant Glow Water can negatively affect skin health, clog pores, and irritate skin, leading to a dry, dull, and unhealthy-looking complexion. Just one spritz of Vitamin Nectar Antioxidant Glow Water keeps skin protected from these environmental aggressors while awakening and energizing it. The hydrating mist features our powerful vitamin fruit complex, a potent blend of vitamins C, E, and B5; lemon and orange fruit extracts; and revitalizing minerals that work together to give you a glowing complexion.

The Proof*

  • Proven to improve skin’s glow, tighten pores and smooth skin’s texture*

  • 97% noticed their skin felt energised and refreshed**
  • 90% said their skin felt immediately hydrated**
  • 90% reported it gave their skin an instant pick-me-up**
  • 93% said their skin was revitalised**

*instrumental test

**self-assessment test after 4 weeks of use

Key Ingredients

PDP Ingredients

  • A proprietary vitamin fruit complex is a blend of vitamins, citrus fruit extracts, and minerals that help revitalize dull skin for a vibrant, healthy-looking glow and soft, smooth texture.
  • Vitamin C helps to tone, brighten, and protect.
  • Vitamin E helps to protect, soften, and soothe.
  • Vitamin B5, an excellent emollient, helps to smooth and protect the skin.
  • Lemon and orange fruit extracts gently exfoliate and refine with naturally occurring AHAs, leaving skin soft and radiant.
  • A mineral complex comprised of magnesium, copper, and zinc works to revitalise tired skin.

How to Use

Vitamin Nectar Antioxidant Glow Water can be used three ways: as a cooling primer, a makeup-setting spray, or an instant pick-me-up.
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“I'd been dreaming of a way to give my skin a surge of essential vitamins and nutrients to reenergize it throughout the day, the same way I drink vitamin water. The answer is this face mist that delivers a dewy glow and a constant shield of antioxidant protection powered by our blend of vitamins C, E, and B5, lemon and orange extracts, and revitalizing minerals.”
—Lev Glazman, Fresh Co-founder